The threat of complacency and boredom

Some may think working as a close protection bodyguard is a walk in the park, but there is actually a lot involved and the bodyguards principals’ safety is the of the utmost importance and should not be took lightly. We all know the work can get monotonous sometimes and staying alert can be hard. The long hard nights when clients want to go out and have fun and you’re stuck in a fun-filled night club and not one drink can be had. The danger of one drink and becoming off guard in a situation like this can be deadly to the bodyguard, client and everyone in the building. This can be an even worse scenario if you offer VIP Protection and are dealing with high profile clients that are widely recognizable and sought after. Planning the bodyguarding task effectively around your client’s day is an extremely important task that has to be mastered and not overlooked in this field. Staying alert and planning everything you can about the clients day and will better prepare yourself for most daily challenges in the close protection of your client. Bodyguards are often tested on long days while clients are in meetings and there is nothing to do but sit around. These are the days that need to be used as learning days to further the level of close protection and VIP protection that can be provided to your client. Lack of attention to detail is one of the main problems bodyguards face today and have caused problems for many and some have even had to leave the VIP protection field all together. Inattentiveness is not an option and should not be over looked. When a closed protection operative gets bored and his attention dwells people may get hurt and this is not an option. In today's world everything you can use to plan and further your knowledge about your client and the special needs of their close protection will help you keep active. If you are a CPO try on a daily basis study their family, friends, collogues, history learn more about him every day, this might save you time and embarrassment in future this will also help you stay alert and provide the best and highest quality protection you as a bodyguard can offer. Education and awareness is key and honing these skills should be your number one goal on all those long days with nothing else to do but stare at the wall. Close protection and Vip protection is an exciting and a very rewarding career as long as the bodyguard or bodyguards heads stays in the game. The safety of others in is your hands and should be the single most important factor of your job. Bodyguards are life protectors and the bodyguard must always remember that he is working with lives.

Executive Protection Agency are specialists in the protection of principals through VIP Protection, Close Protection and Venue Protection in South Africa. visit us at

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