Executive Technologies

Executive Technologies
1. Electronic Guarding Systems, is a service that replaces the need for
a guard on patrol and eliminates all human weaknesses by use of
technology and also saving our clients up to 40% on their security bill.

2. PITbull is a Sensor that is being manufactured by Executive
Technologies for perimeter fencing. This sensor detects any
movement more that 3cm on a fence like an electrified fence and
the location can be pinpointed with in 3m of the activation point.
This is an Internationally Patented device.

Off-Site CCTV Monitoring and Electronic Guarding


Africa Intelligence Solutions
Africa Intelligence Solutions was founded in 2015 when a need arose for our clients with ventures in Central Africa to determine travel risk. We have great success with our intelligence gathering operation that informs about all kinds of risk, from weather to terrorism. We have an unmatched intelligence accuracy standard.

Top Quality Physical Guarding


Leading Intelligence Reporting on Africa

Executive Protection Agency

We offer an exceptional guarding service by combining advanced technology and personnel training. We build a good relationship with our staff and more than 40 random polygraphs are done monthly to ensure the quality and commitment to the company. Security Officers are tested on security skills and trained continuously.

VIP and Close


Executive Protection Agency
Executive Protection Agency the second entity that was registered after
trading since 2007 as a trust, focused on the Bodyguarding and VIP
Protection side of the business whilst Secutec focused on the security
systems part of the business which included the technical aspect of the
security industry.

Executive Protection Secives