We offer an exceptional guarding service by combining advanced technology and personnel training. We build a good relationship with our staff, and more than 40 random polygraphs are done monthly to ensure the quality and commitment to the company. Security Officers are tested on security skills and trained continuously.

All security guards employed by the EPA are registered and qualified according to the Private Security Regulating Authority (PSIRA) prescribed grading system.  Most guards are qualified from a C-Grade to an A-Grade to ensure a higher quality of guard.   All guards are exposed to an extensive back ground check to verify citizenship, criminal record status, and qualification validity and also have to undergo a polygraph test and a practical exam to ensure top quality guarding personnel.

All guards undergo a Two Week induction course when accepted into the The EPA to ensure one standard of conduct for all Executive Protection Agency guarding personnel.

The Executive Protection Agency also manages a continuation training program that is incorporated into the shift system. 
These continues training periods focus on attitude, communication, personal hygiene, standard operating procedures and close quarter combat or whichever subject deemed necessary to ensure proactive and alert guarding personnel. All guarding personnel are evaluated every three months to ensure the maintenance of standards.  Personnel not making the grade are immediately withdrawn from site and placed on a corrective training program until all standards are met.

All Security Officers are interviewed, aptitude tested and personality profiled before they may enter the Induction process.

We have great experience in Retail,
Industrial, Shopping Center Security and Security Estate management, Complex Security and trust that you will find our services and results very satisfactory.

We have managed contracts of 150 guards and more on 5 Mines in Mpumalanga and have many residential clients in Gauteng. We also have great experience in the retail sector with big 2500 square meter warehouses and mass discounters.


Our Services includes but are not limited to;
• Physical Guarding during normal day to day operations
• Physical Guarding during non-operational hours
• Living Complex guarding
• Retail Guarding for purposes of;
• Shrinkage/ Loss Control
• Receiving of Stock
• Dispatching of Stock
• End Controlling
• Floor Patrolling
• Prevention of Over and Under Ringing
• Prevention of Pre Packing
• Guard Monitoring
• Guard Management