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Executive Protection Agency (EPA), a company based in Pretoria Gauteng, has since its founding in 2007, provided reliable and unmatched VIP protection and close protection services among other security services to clients in South Africa. Despite South Africa being a very beautiful country and a leading tourist destination on the continent, it is known for its reputation of extreme violence and high rates of serious crime, making it a very dangerous place to be. Whether you are a resident or just a visitor, we advise you to pay close attention to your personal security and enjoy our excellent protection services so as to avoid any security risks that might come your way.

This world is full of glamour and wealth. Many men and women move around unnoticed or even without courting the attention of the media, when in real sense; they are VIPs, executives and successful entrepreneurs who boast a lot of economic, corporate, social and state influence. As they tour various parts of South Africa, they may just be unfortunate to meet with the bad fate of insecurity and crime as earlier mentioned, perhaps if they had realized the importance of having security protection.

Our highly qualified and experienced agents offer reliable 24/7 VIP Protection for all kinds of people in the spotlight; celebrities, famous sportsmen and entertainers, dignitaries, news correspondents, diplomats, tourists and all those who request the pleasure of our services. The best close protection security has to be informed to us in a timely manner for careful preparations and planning; coordination with the local authorities and for the deployment of our best trained and experienced professionals. We believe that in the world of security, it is only through advanced preparations that contingency measures can be planned just in case an unlikely incident happens, like say where to find the nearest locate medical facility and so on.

EPA will not just give you a bodyguard service. Our team of staff and agents boast far-reaching training and experience in the security industry like VIP protection, security consultancy, police service, military, intelligence services and even international security backgrounds. The team is equipped with state of the art technology, advance warning systems and equipment including bullet proof cars, depending on the level of threat assessed. All our bodyguards are carefully screened to confirm their criminal background; after which they are extensively trained to ensure they give professional service.

Other than close protection and VIP protection, we also offer investigations, people and debtor tracing, security guards among other services.

Because we know you may not like being smothered by the physical presence of our executive bodyguards, our agent will give fulltime protection but you will seldom see their presence. We do our homework very well by assessing the venue threats and risk, transportation routes and itinerary integrity, be it air, land or water. We also take into account the style and specific needs of the person we are protecting.

The phenomenon of violence in South Africa continues to be a subject of interest and intrigues around the world. The crime rates may be coming down, but the truth is that the rates are still alarming. With crime constantly present, security is not just the preserve of government; and even if it were, it would still overwhelm the state security agents. The Executive Protection Agency will give you the best close protection services and at the highest levels of discretion.

Executive Protection Agency are specialists in the protection of principals through VIP Protection, Close Protection and Venue Protection in South Africa. visit us at www.sa-epa.co.za

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